About Advocacy Edge

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Advocacy Edge is a site dedicated to helping advocacy professionals improve content and content strategy by thinking differently about the role our content plays, how it is produced and how it is managed.

We want to avoid mindless content. One major goal is #NoMoreNoise. Rather, our hope is to adopt a more sophisticated approach, to improve our content, and to evolve our programs so they reliably produce demonstrable results. Some of the ideas we explore include:

Content With Ambition. If every piece of content left our shop with specific goals attached, we would know immediately how it performed and we could then improve much faster. More rigor is a good thing.

Advocacy is Marketing. What is advocacy if not marketing? And yet, very few advocacy organizations use standard marketing tools that have been proven many times over in the corporate world. That should change.

Service to an Audience. Good content is service. It helps people solve their problems or meet their needs. More effective content demands that we focus on the needs of our audience, not on our organization.

More Authenticity. Strong advocacy content is not about manipulation. It is about making a genuine connection with the audience. To make a genuine connection, you have to actually be genuine.

Less Washington. Too many communications jobs in Washington are about controlling and coloring information.  Those skills may be important in some roles, but they can be toxic to advocacy content. Rigid, unimaginative and overly-controlled programs fail.

Advocacy Edge is produced by Glen Justice and Outside Voice, a company that provides affordable and sustainable custom content.

If you would like to contribute to Advocacy Edge, we’d love to have your input. Want to see something written? Have a question you want answered? Let us know and we’ll do our best to address it. Want to write something yourself or contribute regularly? We’re game. Just drop us an email. More brains = better site.