5 Reasons You Need a Content Calendar in 2019

No matter what the culture in your organization, or what type of content job you hold, you probably want to build yourself a content calendar. Yes, a calendar is more work. And yes, it’s worth it.

The truth is that the benefits go far beyond simple organization. Done correctly, a content calendar will give you a vehicle to think deeply about the content you want to provide, and then create a plan for getting it done. That exercise will improve your content program, increase your industry knowledge, grow your contacts list and ramp up your standing in the organization.

To find out how that works and learn a realistic process for building and maintaining a content calendar, read the free Advocacy Edge report, How to Build a Content Calendar for Advocacy. It will walk you through exactly how to do this, even if you have no budget.

Here are just a few of the benefits you get from building a calendar:

  • Playing Offense. When you create a plan, you are playing offense, and that’s your best defense against having to execute on bad ideas from within your organization. A content manager with a well-organized plan gets messed with less often. You’ll still get assignments, not all of them good. But you won’t be inviting unwanted suggestions.
  • Confidence. Knowing exactly what you plan to publish, what state it is in and what it should accomplish will give you a great deal of peace. You’ll feel safer with a plan in place.
  • Learning. If you follow the plan in How to Build a Content Calendar for Advocacy, you will create a complete content plan for your organization—and learn a lot about your industry in the bargain. You will become extremely knowledgeable.
  • Networking. Follow the plan and you’ll be communicating with people throughout your organization to solicit content ideas. You’ll be heading outside your organization, too. The calendar gives you a reason to reach out all over the building, including the C-Suite, and all over the country. The content that flows out of it will give you a reason to follow up with the people you meet. That’s a great way to build up a network.
  • Showing Your Value. This is perhaps the largest benefit to creating a content calendar. It gives you the ability to update your entire organization (and some outside parties) regularly about what you and your department are creating. It shows you are planning your work and working your plan. It allows you to show your value every single week.

Of course, you are also organizing. Not only that, but you are creating a system to ideate, create, distribute and promote content, which will be extremely valuable even after you leave.

Read the free Advocacy Edge report, How to Build a Content Calendar for Advocacy and give it a try. The universe has a free return policy on chaos and disorganization. Put another way, you can always go back to the system you have.

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